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I believe that the trust built at the heart of the relationship between coach and client is fundamental.  With this trust, clients then value an appropriate level of psychological depth, together with a healthy mixture of both support and challenge – in an environment that is friendly and relaxed.  Every coaching programme I engage in is jointly designed and bespoke, using whatever is necessary to help you achieve your goals: feedback, observations, reflection and various coaching or psychometric tools.

So, when you work with me you can expect a warm and engaging relationship.  My clients find our sessions both relaxed and energising, often commenting on their increased confidence through our work.  You should expect to feel completely supported, but equally feel challenged at times:  you might find some of our sessions hard work, but will always be clear on the value they create for you. 

“Simon’s coaching helped me to understand the issues I’m facing personally, and then helped me to work out the right way forward.  I felt completely supported, but also challenged in an incredibly positive way.”