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"I asked Simon to coach me at a time of personal transition when I was taking on a more significant leadership role.  Simon’s coaching helped me to find clarity around my own personal development and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals.  Simon’s insightfulness, profound questions and total belief in my ability to succeed was the key catalyst for the progress I made.  I’d thoroughly recommend Simon to anyone looking for support in their leadership challenges."   Jo Steel, Head of People & Leadership, Belron International 

"I can honestly say that the coaching I’ve received from Simon has been life changing – both professionally and personally.  Having one to one time with a professional and independent coach has really helped me work through some of the things that might have held me back previously.  I’ve learned a lot about myself.  It’s forced me to make time to reflect on my leadership style, my strengths and my development areas.  I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, and couldn’t quite imagine how it would work, but Simon guided me through the sessions and has somehow managed to tease out things that I wasn’t conscious I was thinking about!   The biggest change I’ve experienced is my level of self-confidence and self-awareness – both of which are proving to be very useful as they have helped me prepare for and achieve a promotion!"   Sharon Dawson, Senior Marketing Manager, Boots

"I have had one to one coaching with Simon over the past 2.5 years. He was key in my development as a leader and helped me transform the company in Ireland. Simon is without a doubt the best senior executive coach I've ever worked with."   Heiner Herz, General Manager, Carglass, China 

"​I have been lucky enough to have Simon as a coach. What strikes me about Simon is his patience - he provides you a safe space to think, and then re-think! Balanced with this patience however is a quiet ability to move you forwards so that you take important decisions. His coaching has been ​an ​invaluable ​part of my moving forwards."​  Anne Macdonald, HR Director, Decathlon UK

"I have used Simon as an Executive Coach twice in the past 24 months. Each time Simon was able to help me achieve my goals, both business and personal. Using great listening skills and a natural ability to ask probing, but genuine questions, he was able to help me get to the crux of the challenge and then create clarity on a sensible way forward. He creates a safe environment to work in, where you feel challenged and comfortable, but open to have honest conversations. I am still using many of the tools that we worked on and find them great in everyday life."   Nick Cleary, Head of Regional IT, Belron

“I worked with Simon for a year and can say that with his guidance I have been able to completely revise my approach to leadership and better understand and apply what traits and behaviours are relevant to the environment and people I work with.  Simon’s coaching ensured that desired leadership behaviours were to the fore of all interactions I had, previously I would have considered them after the event.  Simon engenders a calm and reflective style that creates a non-judgemental environment for a leader to really think about and discuss what they are doing and why.  Simon’s approach ensures that you take away practical areas to work on, this worked really well for me as we were able to discuss, review, and assess real-time issues that were arising and examine which leadership style and behaviour worked best for the situation.  I can see how Simon could add value to any leader at any stage of their career or development, I would highly recommend working with Simon.”  Rory Martin, Customer Insight & Planning Director, Betfair

"Simon helped me tremendously to face my inner demons which are bugging me both in my professional and personal life. The demons are still there but - under Simon's thoughtful guidance - helping me put a name tag around their neck has reduced their influence on me. Working with Simon involved intense conversations but in a relaxed environment. Hailing from Vienna I would never have thought that the outskirts of Nottingham could be the perfect place for Sigmund Freud's couch! Dankeschoen Simon."  Heinz Schneider, Dr.med, Medical Director, Boots Brands and Exclusives

“Through my many years of being involved in managing people, Simon Machin has been quite simply, the best coach I have worked with.  Eight years ago, I was won over by the expertise, flexibility and  friendly approach taken by Simon:  however the reason why I still work with Simon today is that he delivers results and really does change the way people behave and perform in their positions within the organisation.  Simon’s listening skills, with significant insight into a person’s ability and skills are hard to come by.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon to anyone looking for a professional coach with outstanding skills in leadership and people development”Sahar Najafi-Cox, Senior Group HR Manager, Bradgate-Bakery

"Simon is a down to earth coach with whom you easily feel at ease and in confidence.  I recently had a few life coaching sessions with Simon during a transition period in my professional life.  Whilst I had quite a good sense of self-awareness, the work we did during and between the sessions has allowed me to validate my thoughts by connecting all elements and values that truly matter to my personal development and happiness.  It gave me the confidence to pursue my next challenges with a medium to long term view along with gaining a structure to help me focus and succeed.  To summarise this has been one of the most enjoyable, enlightening, personal and empowering experiences in my life.  I would have no hesitation to use Simon's coaching services again.  Highly recommended!"  Severine de Maximoff, Accessories Business Manager, Bullitt Group Ltd

"I started working with Simon as a result of being on a Boots High Potential programme.  The coaching continued way beyond the course because of the invaluable support he provided and the business having recognised the impact, fully supported the extension.  Simon has a natural warmth about him, his care for his clients is clear, coupled with incredible insight, curiosity and questioning that unlocks thinking and emotion.  He builds self belief in others and is able to flex his coaching style to meet the coachees needs.  My self awareness, self belief and confidence has grown considerably as a direct result of working with Simon and I would highly recommend him as a result.  I was disappointed when my coaching came to a natural end but am hugely thankful for the support, encouragement and fantastic coaching (and silences) that allowed me to work through some challenging issues"  Jennifer Lawrence, Head of HR, Boots Opticians

"Based on 2 years as his client, I highly recommend Simon's services as a coach supervisor. He is a highly accomplished listener, and raises keenly perceptive and pertinent questions. He creates a safe space and brings a gentleness to his challenges, which are artfully crafted to enable clients to explore their own challenges. Simon works at a psychological level and enables clients to bring patterns of behaviour into conscious awareness. His supervision enabled me to develop my coaching practice, explore strategies to help my own coaching clients and become a better coach"  Angela Sabin, Executive Coach, Executive Life Coaching

And some feedback quotes gathered from an anonymous feedback system with my clients:

“From the very first coaching session Simon really understood what I wanted for myself, and what changes my organisation wanted.  I was rather stressed at our first meeting, but within 15 minutes I was extremely comfortable.  His empathy and listening were amazing, and I have simply never experienced such a fantastic atmosphere with anyone else.”  

“Simon was simply an excellent coach for me, and he delved to understand the real causes of my concerns.  It never felt as if we were working at a superficial level.  Through our work I really started to think about my impact on others.” 

“Simon is very challenging, but equally very rewarding as a coach – he really helped me to seek out and understand some core issues, but in a very calm way.  I have worked with coaches before, but Simon was simply exemplary.”

“Simon really helped me to get clarity for myself.  Sometimes my head would be swimming with insights and learnings from our sessions, and Simon really helped me to find a framework to take these insights forward into action.  The impact was incredible and really encouraged me to try new things.”

“When you work with Simon he really gives you the feeling that he is there for you 100%.  Our focus was on raising my leadership capability, and Simon coached me with real passion.  He started by understanding my strengths, and this was really enlightening for me.”
“I really experimented with new approaches as a result of the coaching with Simon.  I started to look at my life in a very different way, and used this to think about my professional and personal ambitions.  Simon really created an environment that encouraged me to just try things out.”
“When I reflect on Simon’s coaching the thing that stands out for me is his listening.  This was just amazing.  I really came away from every session just relieved that someone had really heard me, and genuinely understood the issues I’m facing.  We did some great work together on understanding what was driving me – and I really started to make some changes in my working life.  He was also willing to be refreshingly straight with me at times.” 

“Simon’s approach in our coaching work was very person-centred with a strong bias towards encouragement, empowerment, supportiveness and positive feedback.   I am extremely grateful to Simon for his absolute focus on getting the best from me.” 

“Simon’s coaching has been incredible through a really uncomfortable and demotivating time in my working life.  He was there to listen, question, sometimes challenge but always to offer encouragement.” 

“Simon’s coaching helped me to understand the issues I’m facing personally, and then helped me to work out the right way forward.  I felt completely supported, but also challenged in an incredibly positive way.”

“From my personal point of view Simon is by far the best coach I have ever worked with – and I have worked with several.  The great humour, expertise and warm humanity Simon brings to coaching makes a real difference.” 

“Simon really helped me to see things that others could not see.   There were some real ‘ah-ha’ moments for me and this really helped me to understand my career from a completely different perspective.”